Donald B. Wilson

Life’s journey is seldom travelled alone. Relationship quality, not quantity is our best measure.

Grampa Don with Dylan Seifert

This blog is about my life.

I refuse to be defined by any one thing, or any one relationship.

I am a life partner of many years, father to various kids, some biological, a step daughter, some adopted, some a little less clearly defined. I’m a grandpa with seven grandkids, so far.

I have numerous other relationships, some long-term, some not so much. Human relationships are most important to me. I try to manage them within a consistent set of clearly defined principles – self expression, mutuality of respect, and dignity of each person.

Life is also messy. No matter how hard we try, it’s difficult, if not impossible to go through life without making a mess sometimes. Beginning with our own health we make mistakes which we often don’t even recognize are mistakes, until long after its too late to change them.

I’m not that young. At sixty-six years old, and counting, I am going forward with my life, for as a long as I can, and with as good a health as possible. I’d also like to think that I bring value into my relationships with others, but starting with my relationship with myself.

My first principle is personal accountability and self-determination .

You’ll see from this blog that I’m always looking for things that I can do to improve the quality of my life. I’m hoping that you’ll find my story interesting, and solutions to my challenges full of useful hints and suggestions. I’m also going to strive to be descriptive rather than prescriptive. In other words, I’d rather tell you what’s working or not working for me, rather than attempt to tell you what will definitely work or not work for you.

I will say that “I did this, and it worked, or not.” I won’t usually say, “Do this or do that.” At least that’s my intention.

My subject matter will change over time, but I’m intrigued about health and wellness, social, sexual and familial relationships between us, my professional and business life, photography, art and literature. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Hokkaido, Japan 2007

This blog is about my world, not so much about my work world.  As a business person I have a fair exposure to blogging through my business blogs and corporate websites.  I also contribute to a number of local, provincial and national newsletters, ezines, etc. but on those sites I tend to focus on finance, real estate, and other business related issues and ideas.

On this blog I intend to write and share about philosophy, politics and life in general

Political Philosopher.  Computer geek.  A human being.  A body.  A patient.  Survivor of major surgery. A teacher and trainer.  A soul. A student.  A childhood abuse survivor.  A sometime mental patient.  An out-of-shape athlete who longs to be fit but struggles with diabetes and COPD.  Obese.  My family doctor once referred to me as “a nice man.” Ouch!  A husband,  brother, cousin, nephew, father-in-law, grandfather, formerly a son and grandson. A friend.  A religious penitent who is no longer a member of a church.  An intellectual snob. An achievement of substance over style.

These are the things I intend to share with whatever audience I discover and hope that whatever I share will be of interest.

36 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing your life, Don!

    And “tock” to all the things Over Soil says!

    And we will find out how and why things worked and how you changed them or modified them for your circumstances and you.

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  2. I find a frightening likeness to myself here, except for age! πŸ™‚
    Life is like an ocean: Sometimes calm and other times not at all. And at all times it is very important to keep a weary eye on the weather forecast making decisions well ahead of possible
    bad – or even dangerous – weather! And you like to use a camera – just like me.
    Then I think you’ll like browsing my blog as I have published close to 8000 picture from Norway, most all in ‘full screen’!
    Still – my blog is somewhat different than most. Please observe that I have no longer ‘thousands of followers’ – even if I have been blogging on this platform alone since 2012. That is because I checked out each and every one for activity and agenda, removing all that wasn’t here for the right reasons and all those that wasn’t really ‘followers’ but more like ‘random visitors’!
    That said, I do have ‘followers’ that joined me in 2012/13! And I still enjoy finding motives for my camera, even if mye eyes are not as good as they once were. Welcome to my blog!!!

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    • I’ll have a look. I love good photography, of many types and genres. I do both landscape and the human form, primarily nude and fetish. But what I enjoy most is the intimact abd trust of human photography.

      I have a Flickr account with over 10 Million views for my fetish and nude photography, which I must say has been a surprise to me, but I also have another flickr account for other types of photography with far few followers or view.
      At the end of the day I love photography because it puts me in front of the world, recording my observations. So even if only a tiny few were interested, I’d still be doing it.
      My struggles with pain are acute these day, and sometimes I feel like I’ll not be able to make it through another day, but refuse to succumb. So even when it hurts I push myself to exercise and continue to explore life.


  3. Having inherited Diabetes from my Father’s side of the family (around 2013), I not only manage my Blood Sugar levels by diet, from 2015-2017 I was in complete remission.

    I never got to the stage of having to take insulin, but I have enormous will power and by not buying anything with sugar (of which I am now intolerant anyway) and refraining from eating foods which I know are harmful and doing research on all my many health conditions, have managed to keep my Blood Sugar relatively low.

    Now I can’t go outdoors walking for hours doing my nature photography, I am mainly housebound in constant pain from severe spinal problems undiagnosed as a teenager, spinal surgeries, advanced osteoarthritis in my R hip and Fibromyalgia (amongst other severe health conditions)

    I am also overweight, but look thin with only my torso being fat, but much of that is well accounted for in my health conditions, not by eating the wrong foods or overeating.

    Thanks for dropping by to follow my nature blog. I will be 66 next January and have proved that despite my severe Health Conditions and nerve damage due to compressed nerves and facet joint damage in my spine, you really can make a positive impact by diet and being well educated on your own health.

    One of the key ways to deal with chronic pain and ill-health is to be your own Doctor and well-informed, so apart from my HCM Cardiologist (I inherited my severe Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy from my Mother’s side of the family), a once a year visit to my Endocrinologist (which I don’t really need) and working with a supportive Primary Care Physician, I can manage most of my health myself.

    Due to severe food allergies and food sensitivities, I follow a mainly Paleo Diet (with Calcium & other vitamins supplemented) which has been life-changing, but then I am allergic/intolerant to grains, gluten, dairy, soy, legumes and a whole host of other foods.

    Photography, although minimal now, has been my lifesaver since I was forced to take early retirement in 2010 due to chronic ill-health and pain.

    In 2013, I decided I was no longer going to be labelled a person with chronic illness & pain.

    I now call myself a Photographer.

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  4. It sounds as though you have a positive outlook on life and no age is it not feasible in the manner of trying to do new things, improve your life or whatever else is important to you. I have had my site for a number of years now but in 2015 I had emergent surgery to replace a heart valve and am here still because of it. I, too, like yourself am trying to now pursue life in a way I might not have in the past. I am 67yrs old. Read my About page if you like to know more. Thank you for visiting my site. Be well.

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  5. Dear Donald, Thank you for visiting my blog site and for following. I hope the things you find there enrich the many facets of the life God has given you, and perhaps pass on to your wide sphere of influence and love. Many blessings. πŸ™πŸŒΉ

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  6. Hello Sir,
    it was really nice knowing about you and your life, I’am just 20 now and started blog writing not so far ago… It’s pleasure that you followed my site and gave me chance to know you and read your blogs. And I will be glad if a writer like you encourages me and guide to learn this well.
    Thank you

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