Black Lives Matter

I believe that we should all pay attention to the people who make up our world. They are not invisible. Their pain should be all of our pain. Discrimination against one is discrimination against all.

Unequal treatment of people of all descriptions is a fundamental failing of the Canadian system of police work. Black Canadians are many times more likely to be harrassed and ultimately punished, sometimes by an unjustifiable death.

The murder of black men by police authorities in the United States is not unique to America. We must learn to see it in our home cities and provinces. There are far too many black people murdered in Canada, indeed in British Columbia, by government which is supposed to represent all of us, not just the privileged few. I believe we should each put our bodies in harms way to protect the innocent, even protect the guilty. Being drunk should not be punishable by the death penalty. Being young and female and “other” should not be permission to kill or main or rape. Men must see women differently, and enforce a view that says that women own their own bodies, and have the right to choose to be treated any way that they damn well want.

I believe that everyone deserves equal treatment before a fair and just system of governance.

Supreme Court of Canada is charged with enforcing a just and honourable system of laws.

I believe that change begins with me, and I must do better than this. We all must do better than this. We must demand that our government stands up for the weak, the indigent, the powerless, the elderly, the young, the absolutely ordinary black man or woman, and for the rest of us as well.

Our sons and daughters, and grandchildren, and parents and grandparents are all waiting for us to stand up for them, with them, as them.

I can’t breathe. We can and will do better than this.

26 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. I truly hope that sometime – who knows when – we will all be able to agree that ALL lives matter. It is so hard to understand why anyone should consider one life more important than another, let alone on a basis of race, or sexuality, or anything else that makes hatred easy. Recent events mean that we all have to make our voices heard. Black lives DO matter, that’s the fight for today. And tomorrow, with any luck, the human race will begin to realise the value of every life – and we can stop even thinking about race or sexuality and just get on with being human. Across the road from where I live a child has written in chalk on the pavement ‘BE KIND’. Listen up human race! Great blog.

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  2. I appreciate your words of support for the Black community and the willingness to speak on what needs to happen in order for positive change to occur. All lives do matter but the voices now are letting the world know that Black Lives Matter in the equation of all lives matter.

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  3. In South Africa, some 19 black citizens and maybe a few whites had been killed by law enforcement since lockdown. The riots you see has to do with libtard communism, a Bolshevik attack on your country. Time to wake up and see what forces are clearly at work over there. We know it so well, after all, hour dems sponsored that for half a century in my back yard. Karma never loses an address.

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  5. Hoping for a better tomorrow and thanks for those words, hopefully they echo in every hearts that gets to see this and find others that may need to hear them. And thanks for the follow 🤗my heart cry a little joyful tears every time I get a new buddy.

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  6. It saddens me deeply to see this malignancy in a place of such fond memories. The happiest days of my childhood were spent in Canada. However, I would be less than honest if I said it surprised me.
    Does it surprise anyone that G.I.’s of color often stayed in Europe after WWI and WWII as they were treated so much better than if they had returned? Would anyone have heard of Josephine Baker had she stayed in America instead of going to Paris?

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  7. This is a great post and a good reminder that change begins with me. I want white people to know that I believe their lives matters to me, as well as all others.


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