We’re all in this boat together. Like it or not!

During this coronavirus I have been pretty much contributing very little or better said, nothing, to the blogosphere about the pandemic, and how it is affecting my life, or for that matter, how it affecting anybody or anything.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation. It is that this thing is a really, really big deal, and I don’t want to diminish its importance to anyone by failing to reflect just how important it really is, to me, and to the world around me.

To those out there who believe that the government is overstating the dangers of Covid 19, and they can cheerfully go on about their business without changing anything, well, thanks for less than nothing, since your ignorance may already be having a serious effect on the lives and well being of thousands of people, some right in your own neighbourhoods, some physically a long ways away. Like maybe even in other countries or even continents.

Like it or not, failing to self isolate yourself is reckless endangerment, and potentially, mass suicide/murder.

Canada’s Healthy Minister Patty Hajdu

You see, normally I’m a skeptic when it comes to government health warnings, and generally dismiss most as merely propaganda to serve the interests of an overbearing nanny state.. Not this time, not now and not ever. This virus kills people, lots of people, including people like me, with immune deficits that mean infection will mean a ferocious battle for my very life.

If I’m really lucky, most people in my own area, Vancouver, British Columbia and Metro Vancouver will have been helping the Provincial and Federal governments by isolating themselves at home as much as is humanly possible, and help slow the disease so that by the time I get it, there will still be hospital resources available, and I’ll get whatever it is I need from medical treatment whether it includes Intensive Care, Respirators or other devices. Hopefully there won’t be so many of us sick at one time that the system simply collapses after being overwhelming by the demand created by our citizens being unwilling to do what it takes to flatten the curves, or plank it.

Because isolating ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean that people like me who are vulnerable in the extreme won’t get it. It might, if I get incredibly lucky, and it passes me by. But most scientists believe that eventually this virus will infect somewhere between 50 and 70% of people in the world. The only real question is whether or not society can slow down the spread to give medical professionals and researchers the time to effect solutions that will reduce the numbers of us that are going to die as a direct result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Even if everybody does everything right, and socially isolate themselves, a lot of people are going to die from this disease. No matter what we do this is true. All ordinary people can do is take whatever precautions are available to allow treatment by skilled professionals to those of us who catch this damn thing, under circumstances that increase the odds of finding an effective treatment and a vaccine that stops it dead in its tracks.

Neither of these is guaranteed, but we have a hell of a lot better chance if we all follow the best advice. Stay at home and socially isolate yourselves. Help our front line defensive workers, like nurses, doctors, researchers survive and get their work done for all of us.

Don’t be stupid. Wake up. Sometimes you just have to listen, and do whatever the hell somebody who knows a lot more than do you, tell you. Now.

34 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Yes, very well said.

    I think the most important point is that you can be asmyptomatic and pass the virus on to dozens, who pass it on to hundreds.

    Like a ripple in a pond, everybody outdoors can affect every person in their vicinity and if that person travels far, THAT asymptomatic person can affect thousands more. A few days ago our police had to break up something like 600 parties in homes (of young folk).

    I’m beginning to think some people are being deliberately obtuse. If they don’t care about themselves, do they not care about their friends and families? It’s the asymptomatic people that worry me, not the ones with symptoms.

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  2. For people who think that, for some reason, they are invincible: This is a perfect time to stop thinking in terms of YOU and start thinking about those around you. Stay home. Do it for your family, your friends, your neighbours, the planet.

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  3. Bravo! you have spoken the truth here and I applaud you for doing it. I am mid way through a 14 day isolation having returned from the US and my husband and I are observing it religiously! And I might add that I have never been so happy to get back to Canada. I think our government is doing the best job it can and it is such a relief to have a leader who speaks coherently and gives calm reassurance. Sorry if that is a borderline political statement but I had to say it.

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  4. Yes! It angers me that some of our politicians(USA) are downplaying this and/or putting the value of money before lives. Also, I will heed advice from a highly trained, educated medical professional(of course not from charlatans like Dr. Oz) over a fragile, arrogant, egotistical politician any day!

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  5. A word in the right moment! However, if you think you will be waking up the right people, I’m sorry to tell you that you will be failing, Those particular kind of people only think of themselves, the next party, their next trip abroad and who they might meet up with this time. Egoism at large!
    But it was a nice try!
    Welcome to my blog by the way! I sincerely hope you are interested in photography ’cause that is all there is, but if you are – there will be nearly 8000 ‘full screen photos waiting on you! πŸ™‚

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  6. The crazy thing about covid 19 is how it effects people so differently. It truly is a gamble on how things turn out if a person of any age gets it. We all think we can beat it but the reality is no one knows for sure. I remain hopeful that a vaccine will be available by the end of summer 2020. There are so many medical professionals working on it now. Keep hope alive!

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  7. Hi from Edinburgh, Scotland…..your genuine and honest article is relevant to me also.

    Self-isolate not just for yourself, but for all of humanity. I am now in my 7th week of isolation and all it takes is one day of selfishness from another person, to blow that out of the water, so to speak.
    Stay safe everyone

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  8. So, last night there were 3 wee girls on their bikes, playing around the streets for hours and hours, joined by other children. Two things are wrong here. 1) Parents allowing them to socialize with other children. 2) Have you been out for a walk, and someone on a bike flies past, leaving their ‘droplets’ of air in your vicinity? Social distancing is impossible with bikes, as they come too close, leaving a vapour trail.

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  9. Without hijacking your post here on isolation, is there a way that I can share your post to my blog? It would be then shared to my followers on Twitter and FB. Like I said before, your post is from the heart, rather than one of the tabloids typically wooden POV. Thanks

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    • Share my blog as much as you feel you wish, as the message is far more important than some kind of control over my ideas. If anything i write stimulates genuinely thoughtful ideas and responses, then I feel I will have done well.


  10. As this is June now I hope you have able to stay healthy. I too am immunocompromised. May God be our protection even in the absence of community cooperation.
    Thanks for the like at DailyBiblePrayer. God bless your week.


  11. Seriously good advice. Critical even. Now, if only Donald Trump would read this – oh wait – he Can’t read can he? Unless it’s on a teleprompter that someone else wrote… Thank you for posting this!

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