Happiness is not only the absence of unhappiness, but also an affirmation of a kind of state of grace, which encompasses all the good and bad in life, but as a kind of continuing sense of gratitude. Happiness is not necessarily always being a happy person, but is rather the presence of a profound sense of joy in life itself, for good and ill alike.

The happiest person I ever met is my sister Kathryn, who had a life altering car accident in her early twenties which left her paralysed Although she died a couple of Christmas seasons ago, her joyful embrace of life made everyone around her more aware of the reasons to celebrate, even in the face of massive disabilities and chronic pain. She suffered from serious pain, life threatening deficiencies caused by her disability, and severe restrictions in mobility, or even taking care of herself physically. It used to take her hours each and every morning just to get out of bed, go to the bathroom and get ready for the day.

Through it all she spread joy to everyone she knew.

I am making only one New Years Eve vow this year. To bring an attitude of acceptance and joy to my everyday life, and to celebrate the joy that all of the people in my life bring me every day.

14 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It causes one to stop and think and appreciate what they have. There are so many that don’t. Your story really touched my heart and soul. May your New Year be everything you want it to be.

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  2. Thank you for this post. I was particularly moved about your sister’s outlook on life after her accident; my condolences on her demise, because I find it hard to deal with the injuries I’ve sustained from mine.

    There are some days it’s hard to move, especially since I worked blue collar jobs that dealt with a lot of heavy lifting and pulling. Now I’m lucky if I can carry a full bag of groceries. It’s hard to climb stairs and my range of motion is off kilter.

    I will think if Katherine’s outlook and positivity when I start to get depressed.

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  3. I recently entered one of the unhappiest moments of my (not so long experienced) life and am trying to find peace (mainly so that I can sleep and work at full capacity) right now. Reading your opening paragraph gave me hope: I do not need to be a happy person to find happiness, I just need to be grateful.

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