Dense darkness cut through by light

In the darkest dark there is always some light, no matter how faint. This blog explores this theme in ways somewhat akin to poetry, which tickles my fancy and excites my love of words and language.


Bird Flight

DSC_0149“There is no darkness so dense, so menacing, or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by light.”  -Vern P. Stanfill

After reading the quote above, I thought how wonderful it would be to explore the topic using poetry, but unlike many very talented people here in blog land, I just don’t have the knack for that. So instead, I decided to just jot down some random thoughts in the form of reflections. Please know that I am a believer that light is everywhere, all of the time, and forever more. Even during the worst of times there is some light that exists. Even when we are gone, memories of us stay alive. Even if those that remembered us all die off, part of us is present influencing others or the world (or universe) in some way.

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9 thoughts on “Dense darkness cut through by light

  1. Wonderful post. I think I am going to enjoy reading this blog. It is one of those that doesn’t just give a single view of the topic, but explores the skin of the topic, then the mind, the flesh and then life and finally, existence. Bravo.

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