Obesity Week 2019: Why is it So Hard for Doctors to Admit Their Failure?

By Dr. Tro Kalayjian


It’s Thursday night, and I’m sitting in an airplane, about to take off for New York. I’m heading home from Las Vegas after attending Obesity Week 2019, the world’s largest obesity medicine conference, a collaboration between The Obesity Society and The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons.

I don’t quite know how to express my feelings and thoughts about this event, but the words ‘anger’ and ‘hopelessness’ immediately come to mind. My anger and hopelessness are best exemplified by the first keynote speech, delivered by Dr. William Cefalu, who is chief scientific and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association.

After accurately describing our country’s spiralling healthcare costs, and the morbidity and mortality associated with diabetes and obesity, Dr. Cefalu went on to discuss the benefit of low-calorie approaches for diabetes reversal. He also highlighted bariatric surgery and medications. But ultimately, he harped on one point, that is frequently repeated at conventional obesity medicine conferences: 

“There is no best diet. The best diet is one that a patient can adhere to.” 

The above article by Dr. Tro Kalayjian the physician behind Dr. Troys Medical Weight Loss and Direct Primary Care is a discussion about why it is so difficult for the medical profession to accept fundamental changes in medical understanding about diabetes and current treatments for it. It is why patients continue to get contradictory advice from doctors who really ought to know better than to recommend any number of established and well known dietary strategies that simply don’t work. It’s not that they don’t work anymore, it’s that they never worked, and there is no scientific basis for any of them.

This sounds pretty revolutionary to me. The esteemed Canadian doctor is joined by a number of US based colleagues who are challenging the status quo in the treatment of diabetes, and sending a message to their profession. Just stop! Stop misleading the public! Stop lying to patients! Stop killing your clients!

Closeup on medical doctor woman giving a choice between apple and donut

Of course, they are doctors and they don’t quite put it that way. But what else can you say when so many health professionals and authorities continue to promulgate misleading information, such as “moderation is the best strategy” when clearly, based on current information that is simply not true. Moderation will kill you if by moderation you include relatively mundate advice about carbohydrates and sugar. What sciences know is that consuming carbs in excess of certain pretty limited amounts leads to metabolic syndrome, metabolic syndrome leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes. Diabetes leads to lots of really bad stuff that can kill you, or at the least, make you really really sick.

Stop being so gullible. Doctors aren’t necessarily up to speed on the current information about your health.

If you or someone you love is fat, obese, or has diabetes or prediabetes follow the link on this blog entry to the above article and understand what is being said. Doctors are willfully ignoring solid medical evidence in favor of standing by old, disproved theories because they are afraid of rocking the boat. Read Dr. Fung’s book, the Diabetic Code.

Stop believing anyone who says that eating many small meals a day is ok. Stop following advice so far heard that has led you to being overweight and obese. If you want to live and healthy, long life, fire your current endrochronologist if he or she disparages the most recent research and tells you not to follow Dr. Fung’s advice. Run away from anyone who says that carbs and sugars are not the cause of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and many many many other life threatening diseases.

9 thoughts on “Obesity Week 2019: Why is it So Hard for Doctors to Admit Their Failure?

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  2. They won’t admit their shortcoming because that will be admitting they are wrong and no one likes to feel that way, it’s almost the same as admitting to being stupid. Most of the time it all boils down to two things, their ego and their wallets.

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  3. Absolutely! Great article. We are all unique with an individual mental, physiological and spiritual relationship to food. We all eat for different reasons, duh but some diet gurus, worshipping the almighty dollar will tell you they know the secret, magical formula for weight loss. Unless we know why we lose control (which is why I love counseling patients) we’ll never change. Change always comes from within. No one can make you healthy (and health is more important than weight loss) unless you are ready, understand physiology and our individual mental makeup. Well said

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    • Thanks for your feedback on my blog. The pursuit of health is ultimately a necessary distraction in life. If we don’t pay attention to our health, our health will decline and our lives shortened by the neglect.

      Unfortunately this is pretty common in the world around us today, with so many authorities and experts giving us inappropriate and misleading information. It’s important to winnow out the real stuff, and put aside the illegitimate profiteering of corporate greed.

      Our grandmothers knew it. Sugar kills. Carbs kill. Too much food of any description kills. Be prudent, eat sparsely. Fast regularly. Enjoy the spiritual journey more than the physical pleasures from eating too much, being addicted to bad food, bad drugs, and bad lifestyles.


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