Is Heart Disease really diabetes?

Ivor Cummins is an Irish medical professional who is leading a charge to redefining the causal relationship between metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes and a whole slew of diseases including heart disease and cancer.

In my pursuit of better health I am committed to radically reducing the amount of carbs in my diet, as well as resetting the hormonal imbalance in my liver and pancreas. Dr. Jason Fung is doing his work as a doctor in Toronto, as well as publicizing the real risks of abdominal fat.

The real crisis in today’s world is a crisis in lifestyle and diets, which is putting millions and millions and millions of people all around the world in grave danger. More people die every years in the world NOW from diabetes and related illnesses than are predicted in the worst 50 year estimates of global warming. The people dying today are dying because science has been systematically ignored by government policy makers and medical professionals for 50 years.

Dr. Fung argues that the conflict of interest between industry and medical professionals, including government agencies is at the heart of this global crisis. It is time to stop mollycoddling international business interests, and get on with the business of teaching future generations how to improve the quality of their lives, while also radically extending the length of their lives, simply by learning new lifestyle choices.

7 thoughts on “Is Heart Disease really diabetes?

  1. Thank you for your like of my most recent blog post. I also really enjoyed your blog and will continue to follow. There is so much information that we’ve been deprived of learning because there are more special interests protecting their own self interests that those who are really trying to improve lives. It’s refreshing to see you are doing your part to improve lives.

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  2. Diets themselves are a problem. The speed internet carries around wrong assumptions is one more risk increasing factor.
    People think: if I eat this and stop eating that, it is somehow going to restore their natural metabolism. It won’t. Everybody is listening to what supplements they need, and nobody is listening to these who do not represent interests of pharmaceutical companies. That is how lies get re-blogged, republished, shared and so on.
    Due to large numbers of recalls, it is dangerous to be on any prescription.
    For fast profit, anything is rushed to the market. Yet, we do not have any proof of any significant improvement with the use of synthetic supplements and so-called vitamins. In natural food, all important substances come in sets. The outcome usually depends on lifestyle and numerous other factors, including genetic set-up of a person, as well as the genetic inheritance. Trials in identical twins have shown that lifestyle, environment, daily activity and so on had a huge impact where one of twins developed a terminal disease, but the other did not.
    I am personally convinced that the only aspect we have to observe when it comes to food is consuming clean, natural, nothing added, nothing modified, nothing removed food. I think the biggest trouble at the moment is engineered meats and other engineered products which are proudly called plant-based, yet, they contain only heavily processed ingredients which have very distant relationship with plants.

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    • I respect your opinions on this subject, as I have become increasingly skeptical about claims made by pharma and the packaged foods industries. Together they have driven the population of the world into epidemics of diabetes, obesity, alzheimer’s, among other world wide diseases or disorders brought about my really bad food and drug advice by supposed professionals.


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