My fasting journey has just begun.

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No matter how far we are going on a journey, each step is a new beginning. When I began intermittent fasting, back in July, I knew from the start that it is a long term project, and progress measured in weeks, months and even years. My incentives for giving it my best shot are huge – better health, a longer life and a more enjoyable and energetic present.

What I didn’t know, at least not in my heart, is that every day would require a new, fresh commitment to the plan. I sort of thought that my inertia would carry me along long enough to sustain me until I reach my goals, which are tangible, measurable and, hopefully, achievable.

Well, no such luck. Almost every day I fast I find myself feeling extremely positive about what I’m doing. Almost every day I’m not fasting I find myself haunted by doubts. I feel like I’m not losing weight fast enough, I’m not managing my insulin and medications well enough, and whatever I’m eating is working directly against my goals. I see a perfectly normal person walk by and I think to myself, “What a fat slob”. Because I’m afraid that somehow I’ll lose my commitment and indulge myself in foods that I don’t even really like or want anymore.

And I’m still less than a half the distance to my weight loss goal, and still unsure about how long it will take me to get to the point where I don’t need my diabetes medications and insulin any longer. I guess I’ll know when I get there, because both goals are measurable, and there is external evidence that I’m making good progress on both fronts. But in the meantime, I feel a little bit lost at sea, from time to time. The worst times are when I’m eating, and wondering if I can really afford this whatever.

I tried to pretend that I wasn’t obese. It didn’t work, and I still became more and more seriously ill with diabetes and its complications. Something had to change, or I would die of the disease and complications from the disease.

I also know that even when I reach my weight goal, and my ambition to defeat metabolic disorder, and eliminate my diabetes, that I will then have to undertake another journey. Maintaining my healthy body will require vigilance, and committing to a healthy low carb diet, not for a while, but for the rest of my life. So the change I am currently experiencing through intermittent fasting will only be sustainable if I commit fully to the change in lifestyle needed to maintain the results.

Intermittent fasting is a little like travelling through a very long tunnel, at the end of which is new territory I’ve never seen before. There’s also probably more intermittent fasting in the future, if I really intend to maintain my health gains and not go back to obesity and diabetes.

This doesn’t discourage me, but it does present me with a challenge in the present, which is that my level of commitment to a certain and achievable weight and health goals must be followed by an endless journey, if the effort being made now isn’t to be completely wasted.

At that’s just a little intimidating. Well, maybe not just a little. Maybe a lot.

13 thoughts on “My fasting journey has just begun.

  1. Hey Don
    How are you ?
    Other than the fasting how is the rest of your day/ days going?
    I’m sorry I left town and just walked over the Rockies but bright blue skies most days but damn cold…..
    I hope all worked out and your financial situation took a weight off your shoulders .
    I still chat with Jan Collins so I’ll say to and from her lol
    Take Care Mr Wilson

  2. What makes you happy?
    Which song lyrics are resonating with you right now?
    Could you write a poem about your end goal?

    This journey is going to get tough, is there a creative practice that could help you? You can find people on a similar path on WordPress, maybe reach out to them and help each other through. You are doing an incredibly brave thing, keep going 🌟

  3. Sharing your journey here is a powerful act in building a support network to encourage you—because it is hard work that will really never be done.
    But you ARE doing it!
    If I had one piece of wisdom to share it would be to act with compassion towards yourself. The key to long-term success is not necessarily never “failing” but rather to pick yourself up and try again when you do. We’re all rooting for you!! 👍

    • I hear you, but it’s hard to be kind to myself. Being accountable has never meant giving myself a break at all. If anything it has always meant to keep the pressure on all the time. Not necessarily the best bet, but alas, there I go.

      • Another way to think about it might be the rewards you give yourself for effort (not outcome). And I don’t mean food rewards…but self-care such as a favorite book, massage, event, etc or just saying to yourself “go me!”

    • Thank you for linking my blog. Writing this blog has been a rewarding experience, particularly when I receive approbation from a reader, even more so in a reblog or link to my story.

      Thanks again.

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