Three Steps Forward…

For the first time since I started this new lifestyle and intermittent fast, I am feeling a little discouraged. My weight has been fluctuating up and down between 215 and 225 pounds for a week. I thought once it got down to 215 it would stay there, but no. So I looked back at the week, and realize that I haven’t actually done anything inconsistent with my program.

So what is going on? I also notice that my blood readings have been running much higher all week, on fasting days as well as on eating days. What’s with that? Maybe I reduced my insulin too much too soon…. I don’t know but it’s discouraging. A bit. From what I read in the literature about fasting, it is seldom a straight line downwards in weight, and adjusting my insulin every day and every night is a little hit and miss.

Necessarily so, since the body isn’t actually just a machine, but is indeed an organic whole system, which I’ve been messing with for the last three months.

Today was my first day of fasting for this week. And I’m sticking to it, even on the bad days. Tomorrow with be a better day. Maybe not. But a tomorrow will be a better day if I stick to my guns and follow the program.

Hang in there with me, folks. The ride’s a little bumpy!

21 thoughts on “Three Steps Forward…

    • On my fasting days, I generally drink coffee and water. I do take heavy cream in my coffee but I only drink one cup of coffee during the fast. My breakfast is on the day following the full day, and I generally eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, or alternatively a bowl of Kashi cereal. I eat cereal two days or three days and bacon and eggs two or three days. It depends on the week.

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  1. Don’t give up! I do 16/8 everyday and eat LCHF. I lost 80 lbs in just under 14 mos. I’ve maintained it now for 6 weeks by doing the same. My suggestion would be try something other than cereal. I know Kashi is a healthier brand, but it is still processed. Maybe oatmeal instead?

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  2. I have been doing intermittent fasting for a little over a 1 ½ and it’s been an interesting ride to say the least. I also incorporate a regular workout regime of weight training 4 to 5 days a week along with running. You still need to change up things in order to see continuing changes, or you will still hit a plateau, even when you’re fasting. Change up your food and exercise at least once a month. By doing this, I’ve been able to finally get off of my blood pressure meds for good I believe. I’ve also completed two five day water fasts during that time frame. It took me at least a year to work up to being able to do that. Anyway good luck and never give up. The rewards are far too great. And thanks for sharing.


  3. HEY!
    Am on the same journey of intermittent fasting. since I had my song early april I gained kot of weight within the last three months and i reduced after birth then gained 6kg(sadly) while I knew will add while breastfeeding cause of the constant hunger. while I have been on and off trying to get what will work for me without cutting the milk supply and i have been reading a lot on intermittent fasting and am a week in and today for the first time I woke not so hungry. well with my long post what am trying to say kindly don’t give up . keep you will support from this end. excited for progress.
    how do you do your fasting/


    • Fasting for me is three days a week, 36 hours starting at 7:00 in the evening before to 7:00 AM the day following. Fasting for me, after 11weeks, has proved easier than expected,and I’ve not been tempted to break my program at all. My only frustration is that I have long plateaus at the same weight for a week or two before it goes dow aagain .


      • I meant son, not song well autocorrect )

        wow that is just impressive am 16/8 fasting. its working well for me esp cause my body doesn’t belong to me alone(oh children) but am hoping to see a difference may be an increase in energy.
        all the best Donald hope for the plateaus to get along and just be a valley.

        will definitely contact you for more insight so often if thats okay/

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  4. Wow! I don’t know anyone who fasts that long. I have a friend who’s lost a lot with IF but he fasts 16 hours a day 8p-12p, eats 12-8p. I have an autoimmune condition and lost a 30lbs over 3 years on an anti inflammatory diet. Unfortunately when my son began going blind I put on the 30 + 30 more over 6 years. I’ve finally got my stress under control and started swimming. I’m back down 20lbs and hoping to lose 20 more then hold steady. I cut sugar completely (except 1 c of coffee with creamer and 2 squares of 72% dark chocolate a day). Cutting sugar is key for me due to inflammation. Thanks for sharing your IF journey (ups and downs). I’m glad that we are all putting in the effort to protect our health. Take care.

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  5. Hey Donald! Don’t beat yourself up hey. I’m for the idea that health and wellness is a journey so on some days it’s great on other days we give in to our hearts desires. The important thing is we get back and try again.
    I’m also on intermittent fasting. Which eating pattern are you on? I’m on the 16:8


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